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Products for poultry production

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The DACS ventilation systems have been in operation for more than thirty years. Over the years we have optimized on aero dynamics and equipped the units with high efficiency motors and impellers. The result is a highly efficient ventilation system that brings a perfect in-house climate no matter the time of year.  

The CoronaD air inlet unit is the corner stone in our ventilation system. The air distributed from the CoronaD ensures uniform temperatures throughout the house. The constant flow of air from the CoronaD brings fresh oxygen rich air to the birds and, at the same time, removes gaseous waste products from the house. This enables the birds to utilize their full genetic potential. Consequently bringing profit to the farmer.

The HE740 exhaust unit has a specific consumption of 25,5 W/1000 m³/h and thereby the HE740 is the most energy efficient roof mount fan available. The unit comes with either a butterfly baffle or a turning baffle.

MagFan is a direct drive wall mount fan that reduce your electrical consumption by as much as 70 % compared to top ten competitors. MagFan has a capacity of up to 72.000 m³/h (42377 CFM). It runs on 95 % of the world’s power grid, it is maintenance-free and has a calculated service life of 100.000+ hrs.

All DACS ventilation systems are strictly monitored and controlled by our ACS6 controllers.

We constantly work to optimize our products. In this process improved animal welfare and energy efficiency is always on our mind.