Jack & Mark Renders

Renders, The Netherlands

Renders, The Netherlands

Renders, The Netherlands

We see a 70% cut in heat consumption and a dry well-ventilated house no matter the time of year!

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Boost to the chickens

- The big difference between our houses with negative pressure ventilation with side wall inlets and the new house is that the new DACS system ensure a constant flow of preheated air over the chicks from day one. A constant breeze of oxygen rich air to the birds from day one really boost the chickens says Mark.

Dry and well-ventilated

- The DACS house is simply a much more manageable house. No matter the time of year this house is always dry and well-ventilated and this without the need of adjustments. We just start up the system and it runs! One should think the better in-house climate came with a cost, but actually we see a cut in heat consumption by staggering 70% compared to the other houses Jack adds. 

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