Innovation and testing ensures the best possible energy efficiency

Thought-through design ensures lower transporation costs

Return on investment: Healthy animals & high outcomes

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Focus on energy efficiency

All our systems are designed to give you the best energy efficiency without compromising climate and animal welfare. Our systems will reduce your overall running cost by 40% compared to other systems and still we ensure optimum climate conditions that allow your birds to utilize their full genetic potential.

Savings on your heating bill

The DACS Corona air inlet is the only ventilation unit on the market that utilizes the warm air trapped in the roof space and mixes it with fresh incoming air. This means 40 to 50% savings on your heat bill compared to other systems. In fact the savings means that every time you spend 1 KWh running the ventilation system, you will save 7 kWh worth on your heat bill. On top the Corona creates a uniform air flow pattern throughout the house that bring oxygen to the birds and keep the litter dry.

Keeping track on your production data

Your entire production can be controlled using one of our ACS controllers, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and optimum climate conditions every single day during the production and at the same time keeps track of all relevant parameters - from feed and water consumption to daily growth.

MagFan - top class energy efficiency

The MagFan is the most energy efficient fan, you will find. MagFan has been developed using the most advanced CFD design combined with full scale prototype testing in one of Europe’s most advanced test facilities. In a direct comparison against leading suppliers on the market today, MagFan offers at least 50 % lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates. Read all about it here.