AddAir - easy to to operate and easy to clean

AddAir - a combined heater and heat exchanger

AddAir - air intake in heating mode

AddAir - sucktion from outside when in dehumidification mode

AddAir - a game changer in climate control

AddAir - heater and heatexchanger in one powerful unit


AddAir - lowers your heat cost by 70%

AddAir - heater and heat exchanger in one unit

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The AddAir heater/heat exchanger cuts heat consumption by 70 % compared to traditional heaters. AddAir is truely a genuine game changer in the industry.

Heating with AddAir
During the first weeks of production the AddAir works no different from other type of water carried heaters that supply heat to a house.

Dehumidification with AddAir
In dehumidification mode the roller door opens and the AddAir sucks outside air through the heater where it is heated to room temperature. The suction of outside air increases Δt significantly (Δt = difference between temperature on air entering heater and temperature on air leaving heater) and it is exactly this that makes the AddAir a genuine game changer.

An example: If outside humidity is 90% and temperature 0 degree Celcius then the air introduced to the house via the AddAir can easily be raised to 30 degree Celcius. Consequently the humidity on the air introduced to the room drops to only 12%!! This bone dry air absorbs moisture like a sponge from the house and thereby cuts heating cost by 70% compared to traditional heating systems.

 AddAir in short: 

  •          No COemissions in the poultry house
  •          Significantly reduced humidity in the house
  •          Optimal environment for the birds
  •          Swing away front - easy to clean
  •          Electrical consumption only 20% of other heat exchanger systems
  •          Capacity: 8000 m³/hour

The motor for the AddAir is UL/ULc listed and can run on both 50Hz and 60Hz power grid.

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