Bettapork, Australia

Bettapork, Australia

MagFans are whisper quiet

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Bettapork in Queensland, Australia, is a 2000 sow full line multi site production. Laurie Brosnan is constantly working to optimize his production, save energy, and increase animal welfare. That is the reason why he chose MagFan.

-We found that the quality and the operational cost of the MagFan was quite convincing, so we made a decision to try them out in eight finisher houses. The MagFans were installed in September 2015 and we are very happy with the performance to date, Laurie Brosnan says.

An excellent investment

-The MagFans have direct drive which means less maintenance for us. They are whisper quiet and consume far less power than any other similar size fans on our farm. My staff enjoy working in the sheds where the MagFans are. They say the air is cleaner and fresher in these sheds. Great fans and an excellent investment!

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