AddAir - heater and heat exchanger in one unit

AddAir cuts your heating costs by as much as 70 %

Our warm water radiator is sturdy, reliable and easy to clean

When you need to clean the radiator, just swing it open and go ahead

Warm water heaters

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Our warm water carried heaters deliver an abundance of warm dry air ensuring optimized performance throughout production.

The AddAir heater and heat exchanger is a heater and heat exchanger in one compact unit. The AddAir heat the house fast and efficiently in order to keep set-point temperatures. The heat exchange mode of the AddAir offers the most efficient dehumidification ever introduced to the industry. For a better understanding then watch the video on this page about the AddAir.

The HEAT60 is our take on a classic warm water heater. Easy to install, easy to open for cleaning and powerful in operation.