Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte visiting DACS, Hannover Fair 2014

Our test facilities


DACS receiving the Danish Sustainability award 2014

DACS - world-class ventilation and control systems

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DACS A/S is a family owned and run business that produce and sell ventilation and climate control systems for buildings for livestock production. We are based in Denmark and have proudly been serving the business for more than 35 years.

We offer ventilation and climate control systems that vastly improve animal welfare and comfort allowing animals to thrive and grow to their full potential. At the same time gas and electrical costs are reduced to a minimum. Key factors that makes your production profitable and strengthens your competitiveness.

The latest confirmation on how efficient our ventilation system is, is the MagFan. Tests conducted at Bess Lab clearly show that MagFan outperform all other fans tested - and that by a wide margin!