Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte visiting DACS, Hannover Fair 2014

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DACS receiving the Danish Sustainability award 2014

DACS - world-class ventilation and control systems

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DACS A/S has been producing and selling ventilation and control systems for livestock production for more than 30 years. A practical approach, highly skilled craftsmen and substantial knowledge about climate control is what we are know for.

The latest confirmation of our extensive knowledge was expressed when developing the award winning MagFan. Tests conducted at Bess Lab clearly show that MagFan outperform all other fans tested - and this by a wide margin.

DACS ventilation systems creates perfect in-house climate with significant savings on energy consumption allowing for a profitable production with improved animal welfare standards. 

DACS brings you:

Energy efficient ventilation systems - Total production and climate control - Improved animal welfare.