MagFan Mini- ultra efficient direct drive wall fan

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MagFan Mini - a direct drive, ultra efficient wall mount fan

MagFan Mini is a smaller version of the MagFan. It is a direct drive fan made of high quality materials. Aerodynamic optimization in all design phases has resulted in a fan with very high energy efficiency.

With a diameter of 740 mm (30") the capacity of 17.471 m3/hour (10,000 cfm) and a power consumption of 25.5 W/1000 m3/hour (15 cfm/Watt) @ 0 Pascal, the MagFan Mini stands out when compared to other similar size fans.

MagFan Mini is equipped with a 0.3 kW highly efficiency motor designed for both on/off and speed controlling via a variable frequency drive (VFD).

The motor for the MagFan Mini is UL/ULc certified and can run on both 50Hz and a 60Hz power grid. For more please click below:

MagFan Mini - 50 Hz grid application

MagFan Mini - 60Hz grid application 

MagDoor for MagFan Mini

The MagFan Mini in combination with a MagDoor ensures an air tight, well insulated seal not found on any other shutter or damper on the market.