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Animal welfare is a profitable business!

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DACS climate solutions ensure dry well-ventilated houses with uniform temperatures that contributes to improved animal welfare, hence a more profitable business!

We offer ventilation and climate control systems that vastly improve animal welfare and comfort allowing animals to thrive and grow to their full potential. A continuous supply of temperate oxygen-rich air throughout the entire house ensure a perfect climate that boost animal growth. At the same time, gas and electrical costs are reduced to a minimum due to the prime efficiency of our products. Key factors that make your production profitable and strengthen your competitiveness.

 At DACS A/S we guarantee you…

  • World class products with supreme efficiency and durability
  • Products and systems developed by ventilation experts
  • Perfect climate control via supreme air distribution
  • Personal service from skilled craftsmen and technicians

We hope to have sharpened your interest in what we offer. So please take a closer look around here and let us know how we can assist you in your selection of DACS products or a complete ventilation and climate control system for your project.

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