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Sustainability - handling resources knowingly

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In the DACS terminology sustainability is a matter of handling the resources knowingly - be it heat, electricity, installations or materials. 

If you do not make the right choices in this field, your energy bills as a poultry or pig farmer may gobble up a big part of your outcome. This may in the end mean that you are no longer as competitive or solid as you would like to be.

One place where it is utmost important to focus on the use of energy, is the ventilation system.  And this is where we have focused on making the most energy efficient ventilation system on the market. 

So to ensure that both your economy and your animals are safe and sound, you need to take a look at the long-term objective: 

  • What are the pros and cons if you rattle along with the old ventilation system?
  • What are your energy costs with this system?
  • What are the energy costs with a new system?
  • What are the prospects on the market?
  • And where are the energy prices heading? 

Our focus is on durable, energy efficient, well designed solutions that will help you stay competitive. 

Our ventilation systems squeeze the very last calorie of heat out of the air in your pig or poultry house - you should not send heat out of the house when you can instead utilize this in keeping your flock dry and your economy sound. 

Our wall fan, MagFan, quite simply is the most energy efficient fan, you will find on the market today. MagFan has been designed with both energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. It will work in almost every corner of the world no matter electric grid.

Try us out. You just may be surprised at what derivative savings you could get with our ventilation systems.

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