My birds thrive and that is the key to my success.

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Kjell Ingar Boe lives in the town of Randaberg on the Atlantic West coast of Norway. His new house is located just half a mile from the ocean – a location with extreme and constantly changing weather conditions.

"With a yearly rainfall of 1.2 meter (47”) and a constant wind coming in from the Atlantic, we are used to sudden and often dramatic weather changes. However, the climate in my broiler house with a DACS ventilation system is completely undisturbed by the weather" Kjell Ingar points out.

The key to my success

"My house is always well ventilated, and the litter stays dry so my foot pad dermatitis score (FPD) is nearly always 0. My birds thrive and that is the key to my success" Kjell Ingar concludes.

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