ACS6 controller

ACS6 controller

ACS6 controller

ACS6 controller

ACS6 - a powerful controller for poultry production

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The ACS6 climate and production manager from DACS is based on the newest technologies within regulation, monitoring and communication. The ACS6 controls the climate in the poultry house via the ventilation system, heating system, humidification and cooling systems. On top the controller records all data connected to production such as e.g. number of animals in the shed, mortality, consumption of water and feed and status on the feed bins. The controller is an integrated part of our ACSnet, which is a completely new, award winning system based on the internet.

Cut 30 % on your heat bill
Full scale tests conducted at a Danish poultry farmer show that the ACS6 reduces the need for adding heat to the stable by 30 %. These savings are related to a newly developed software that determines the dehumidification potential on the incoming air. This potential is determined on measurements on both the incoming air and the air in the poultry house and gives a very controlled dehumidification. Thereby the ACS6 eliminates excessive use of heat and ventilation - giving you notable savings on your heat bill.

Many users, individual access
The ACS6 is operated via individual password. This must be used whether you work locally at an ACS6 climate controller or access the system via the internet. The farm manager sets up the individual account for each employee giving access based on his or her qualifications and nationality. ACS6 works up to 16 different languages simultaneously.

Keeping track of all parameters
The ACS6 keeps track of all parameters that have been typed in or changed by any user for an indefinite period of time. This huge collection of data gives full overview and traceability of the production.

Tailor-made screen menu
The ACS6 comes with an 8″ or a 15″touch screen and a very intuitive interface. The screen menu can be defined specifically to the needs of each person allowed access, so unskilled persons will never be able to enter menus where critical parameters can be adjusted. An important feature for large scale poultry operations, since each and every employee only has access to parameters concerning their function in the poultry production.

Running all types of ventilation
The ACS6 is designed to run any given type of ventilation for poultry farming. Using our ACSnet management system all ACS6 units are available via the internet - but obviously only with password protection. When you are online all parameters can be adjusted according to your entitlements.

Online support
With the ACS6 DACS offers technical support online e.g. with the opportunity of finding faults in the technical installations.

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