Poultry house, Piljan, Serbia

- Even during the cold period I turn off heating at day 13!

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Two years ago Mr. Piljan from Boljevci in Serbia bought a DACS ventilation system for one of his existing 4 houses. The aim was to find out which ventilation system to choose for his new houses that he was about to build.

- I was struggling with the performance of the minimum/medium ventilation system in my broiler houses. It was like walking on the edge of a knife to keep a decent climate in the house says Mr. Piljan. 

Much lower heat consumption
The new DACS ventilation system ensures a stable in-house climate and consequently dry litter throughout the house. No matter outside weather conditions.

- In the cold period I can turn off the heating in the DACS houses at day 13 and still be able to keep set point on temperature and humidity throughout the production. I think that explains everything says Mr. Piljan.

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