Hans Liniger, Switzerland

- Animal welfare is the farmer's profit

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Hans Liniger from Bernischen Lanzenhäusern in Switzerland has been a farm construction consultant for pig farmers for 35 years.

- It is essential that the pigs feel well. If they do, the pigs will keep the pen clean. Consequently, the pigs will stay healthy. Healthy pigs thrive and fulfill their genetic potential, Hans Liniger says.

Ventilation is my main focus
- I have been troubled by poorly performing ventilation systems ever since I started in the business. The in-house climate has a huge impact on the animals and therefore a good ventilation system is essential to run a profitable production.

Profitable production
- We have installed quite a few houses with DACS and we see that they work very well. We only see dry and clean pens where we have DACS ventilation systems running Hans Liniger says.

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