HPC-Flex high pressure cooling system

HPC-Flex high pressure cooling system

Spray cooling system

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The HPC–Flex (High Pressure Cooling) system is a multi-functional system for cooling, humidifying, soaking, disinfection, and medication in buildings for any type of livestock production facilities.

A correctly dimensioned cooling system will be able to remarkably reduce the temperature in a house for livestock production. On a dry, hot summer day the HPC-Flex cooling system is capable of keeping an indoor temperature as much as 18 oC  below the outdoor temperature. The flexibility of the system gives you the opportunity to cool in in one, two or more climate zones.

Can be adjusted to all livestock buildings
The HPC-Flex can be adjusted to any given type of livestock building meaning that optimum placement in relation to e.g. ventilation systems is possible. The simple solution, where the system is cooling one climate zone, is a start/stop system that is activated by a climate controller. This system can be installed with one or more strings the length of the building depending on the width of the building and on what kind of ventilation system is installed.

More climate zones
In buildings with more climate zones the demand is cooling individually in each climate zone. Here it is necessary to install a high-pressure valve at the entrance of every climate zone that is connected to a climate controller. Depending on the number of rooms need to be cooled the pump is flow controlled via a frequency inverter attached to the motor.

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