Flex-flow feed transportation

Flex-flow is strongly built and extremely reliable

Flex-flow installation, Latvia

Flex-flow - fast and reliable feed transportation

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DACS offers a variety of flex-flow systems for feed transportation with a large selection of accessories. The systems are very strong, reliable and simple to install. You do not need a specialist to install or maintain the systems.

A flex auger is a very simple yet highly reliable system for transportation of pelletized products. The flex-flow system can be used for both transportation from bin to feed cart and for feed distribution directly to the feeder.

Capacity from 250 to 6000 kg/h
The flex-flow system from DACS comes in four different sizes. Depending on size, the capacity varies from 250 to 6000 kilo per hour. This enables a flex-flow system to distribute feed in even very large complexes for livestock production. This is done faster than with any other system available on the market.

The simple and logic set up of a flex auger makes the flex flow system very easy to install. In addition the extremely low maintenance costs on these systems are second to none.

For especially demanding tasks the augers can be delivered with pipes made from steel. The flex auger is driven by a very reliable engine and a gear that is lubricated for life. A wide range of accessories and variety of models enables us to solve even the most complicated transportation and feeding tasks in a very simple and efficient manner.

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