CoronaS inlet - ventilation for pigs & poultry

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Optimum production results in pig and poultry houses are closely related to the in-house climate. The CoronaS air inlet from DACS ensures a dry, well ventilated house from day one to finish. 

Evenly distributed heat
During the growth period and depending on the outside weather conditions the mixing percentage of incoming air/warm room air automatically changes to maintain the optimum temperature and thereby to ensure a very constant, dry climate in the building.

50% cuts on your heat bill
The exact mixing and pre-heating of the ventilated air coming from the CoronaS makes it possible to reduce heat consumption by as much as 50% compared to traditional ventilation systems in buildings where additional heating is needed. 

The CoronaS is a simple and reliable solution keeping optimum climate and welfare in your pig and poultry house all year.

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