Our chimney panels are compactly stacked

The chimney panels are easily assembled

100 chimney elements in one box = 28 metres of chimney

The material combines superior hardness and thermal insulation

The porous core of the panels gives a heat conductivity equivalent to cork

DACS chimneys ease your installation

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The DACS A/S roof fan chimney reduces transport costs by 80 % and offers significant savings on installation costs.

Carries its own weight
The assembled unit is so strong it will carry its own weight to lengths in excess of 10 meters (35 ft.), and it installs without additional supports, simply by screwing it straight into the roof construction.

Superior hardness
The production technique gives a panel with a surface boasting superior hardness and chemical resistance, and an inner porous core with thermal insulation properties equal to or better than expanded polyurethane.

High thermal properties
The result is a chimney with excellent thermal properties, suitable for use in ambient temperatures ranging from -40˚C to +60˚C (-40˚F to +140˚F).

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