AddAir - heater and heat exchanger in one unit

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Our warm water radiator is sturdy, reliable and easy to clean

When you need to clean the radiator, just swing it open and go ahead

HEAT60 - hot water heaters

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The hot water carried heating systems from DACS supplies a large quantity of dry heat to the house. Dry heat is useful both for heating up the house, but also for de-humidification because dry heat can absorb a large quantity of humidity. Especially during the winter months it is important to have full heating capacity available. The performance on the radiator is stated at a room temperature of 32 °C and an average temperature in the radiator of 85°C.

All our hot water radiators are equipped with a 0.3 kW blower fan.

Efficient heat input
To get the best, and most even, heat input to the house the radiators should be positioned with strict focus on the air-flow from the ventilation system. 

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