AddAir - heater and heat exchanger in one unit

AddAir cuts your heating costs by as much as 70 %

Our warm water radiator is sturdy, reliable and easy to clean

When you need to clean the radiator, just swing it open and go ahead

Heating & cooling systems

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Our water carried heaters ensure that performance stays unchanged throughout production and they are designed so that cleaning can be done fast and efficiently.

The AddAir heater/heat exchanger is the latest development from us, and with this unit installed you will be able to heat the house fast and efficiently in order to keep set-point temperatures, but also to make a very efficient dehumidification.

The HPC high pressure cooling system is a misting system that will enable the user to reduce in-house temperatures, keep set-point on humidity, but also it can soak a house, do medication and disinfection.


Read or download our product sheets on heating & cooling.