Products for pig production

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The DACS ventilation systems have been optimized on aero dynamics and equipped with high efficiency motors and impellers. The result is a highly efficient ventilation system that brings a perfect in-house climate no matter the time of year.  

Our  system is the only system on the market that utilizes the heat stored under the ceiling and thereby saves tremendously on your heat bill. The system creates a uniform, well-tempered airflow bringing fresh, oxygen rich air to the animals and at the same time removes gaseous waste.

Depending on the number of animals, production day, outside weather etc., ventilation, heating, humidifying and so on can be controlled for optimum production and weight gain, feed and water consumption can be monitored by our ACS2 controller.

The HE740 exhaust unit has a specific consumption of 25,5 W/1000 m³/h and thereby the HE740 is the most energy efficient roof mount fan available. The unit comes with either a butterfly baffle or a turning baffle.

We constantly work to optimize our products, and in this perspective animal welfare and energy efficiency is always on our mind.