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Ventilation for industrial or livestock production

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MagFan will move more air more efficiently than any other fan, so where air exchange is needed MagFan should be the number one choice. MagFan is the result of a very intense innovation process that has enabled us to develop the most efficient and most powerful fan that has ever been in production.

MagFan has been created in close cooperation with some of the best researchers within the fields of aerodynamics and CFD, and we are proud to say that the fan is simply the most energy efficient fan you can get.

MagFan of offers an unprecedented combination of high capacity, high pressure and extreme efficiency. The unit completely changes the perception of a fan. The stackable components offer safe, ultra-compact shipping, and the simplistic design and rugged construction makes MagFan the simplest to install easiest to run fan ever.

The HE740 exhaust and the Corona inlet allows you to create pleasant air movement and a stable climate in your production facility – and at a very low cost.