Layer house, Norway

Turkey house, Germany

Poultry house, England

Ventilation for organic layer house, Canada

Pig house, Belarus

Ventilation for house in Switzerland

Poultry houses, England

Our test facilities contains the biggest wind tunnel in Northern Europe

Poultry house, Switzerland

Pig house, Belarus

House for turkeys, The Netherlands

Innovative ventilation for poultry and pig production

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The DACS patented ventilation systems for livestock production offer unique yet simple features that combine maximum animal well-being with profitable production. 

The Corona air inlet ensures that the house stay dry and well ventilated throughout the year. The fan in the Corona air inlet actively mixes incoming air with warm room air before this temperate air is distributed in the house. The constant flow of temperate air creates a perfect climate for your animals that allows them to utilize their full genetic potential.

In conjunction with the HE740 exhaust unit the system keeps an optimum air exchange in the house that removes gaseous waste products from the animals.

The award-winning MagFan will do the job for you. The direct drive 56” MagFan is powerful enough to run continuously at static pressures exceeding 80 Pascal (0.3”) and will output well over 72.000 m³/h (42,000 CFM) at neutral pressure, but still consuming only about one third of the power compared to similar size high-end fans.


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