Innovation and testing ensures the best possible energy efficiency

Thought-through design ensures lower transporation costs

Return on investment: Healthy animals & high outcomes

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Poultry and pig production requires quite a bit of energy, but at DACS we have worked hard to reduce your operating costs to a minimum. We continuously develop products which will help you reach your goal: healthy animals and high outcome. 

Focus on energy efficiency
Our philosophy is to maximize energy efficiency, and this is incorporated into everything we do. Thus all our systems are designed to give you the best energy efficiency and the most durable systems on the market. Our focus on energy efficiency means that your initial investments are earned back sooner than normally - and it just might be that in your country you could get a tax deduction because you save energy with our systems. 

In the beginning of most production batches, the animals need heat to thrive, and the heaters have to run. Later on the animals produce a lot of heat themselves, and the surplus heat has to be utilized while the ventilation has to remove gazeous waste in order to keep the animals healthy and the litter dry. 

Heat is a valuable resource
The surplus heat produced by the animals is a resource, and we use these calories in our ventilation system.

The DACS Corona ventilation system is very likely to be different to any other ventilation system, you have ever heard of, since it is the only ventilation system on the market that utilizes the warm air trapped in the roof space and mixes it with fresh incoming air. This means tremendous savings on your heat bill. In fact the savings means that every time you spend 1 KWh running the ventilation system, you will save 20kWh worth on your heat bill.

On top the Corona creates a very comforting airflow reaching every corner of the house. Gone is cold air fallout, draught, wet litter and the following ammonia vapor. 

Heating is a cost, which can hardly be reduced in the beginning of a batch, as the animals need heat to keep body temperature. Therefore we have focused on selling the most reliable and strong warm water radiator, you can get. Our heater is galvanized and designed to withstand the harsh environment in a poultry or pig house. 

Keeping track on your production data
Your entire production can be controlled using one of our ACS controllers, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and optimum climate every single day during the production period and at the same time keeps track of all relevant parameters right from feed and water consumption to daily growth. The production data can be stored for as long as you want.

MagFan - top class energy efficiency
Our wall fan, MagFan, simply is the most energy efficient fan, you will find. MagFan has been developed using the most advanced CFD design combined with full scale prototype testing in one of Europe’s most advanced test facilities. The result is an ultra high efficiency, highly flexible fan. 

In a direct comparison against leading suppliers on the market today, MagFan offers at least 50 % lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates. Read all about it here.