DACS - world-class ventilation and control systems

DACS A/S is a family-owned company with 30 years experience of developing, producing and delivering ventilation and control systems for livestock production. We have used our comprehensive knowledge about livestock production in the development of new products ensuring our customers the best ventilation solutions on the market. Our focus is on optimum animal welfare and on maximum energy efficiency.

We know your challenges
At DACS we are first and foremost professionals - skilled craftsmen, constructors and engineers - and it is of great importance to us to be closely involved in our customers’ projects. We know your world, understand your challenges and we will always be in the frontline for you. We are flexible and always within reach, we serve our customers and we follow up on closed projects. We develop and test all our products ourselves, and as we own all production tools we have full control on deliveries. This combined with a large storage capacity ensures a very high consistency of supply.

The most energy efficient ventilation on the market
DACS’ ventilation solutions are the most energy efficient on the market and move more air at a lower energy consumption than any other system on the market. The ventilators have been tested in our own wind tunnel in a research project in collaboration with two Danish universities and the Danish Technological Institute.

We have, of course, tested the ventilation solutions from our competitors, and our results are documented in black and white.

DACS has won the Danish award for Sustainable Products with our MagFan.

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OUR newly developed motor/impeller solution for exhausts with the diameters 640, 710 and 740 mm will save 18 % on your energy bill compared to what is considered ”best practice” - that is compared to LPC- and EC fans. When compared to conventional solutions, the savings will often amount to more than 70 %. READ ON