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Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte visiting DACS, Hannover Fair 2014

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DACS warehouse

DACS receiving the Danish Sustainability award 2014

DACS warehouse

DACS warehouse

Become a DACS-dealer

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As a DACS-dealer you will gain access to a strong and wide program offering the best and most energy efficient ventilation solutions on the market. 

Over the years, DACS has built up a strong network of dealers. We continuously supplement and extend, and you just might fit in. We guarantee an attractive and unique product program which meets all legal requirements. A program that will benefit productivity and profitability for you and your clients.

As a DACS dealer you get our full support and service when you need it. With 30 years in the business we understand you and know your clients needs. 

If you find interest in our program then send us an email, or call us, and let us find the right set-up for your business.