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MagFan - ultra efficient, energy saving wall fan

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The direct drive 56” MagFan is powerful enough to run continuously at static pressures exceeding 80 Pascal (0.32”) with output of 80.000 m³/h (47,086 cfm) at neutral pressure. MagFan reduces the electrical power consumption by 75 %. A 24 week test at JAPFA Indonesia proves this. Read more here. 

MagFan in short

  • 75 % cut in electrical consumption
  • Runs on any voltage from 85 to 460V/50 or 60Hz
  • Uses a dedicated Variable Speed Drive with SoftStart
  • Stackable components. Ultra-compact shipping

In March 2017, Bureau Veritas certified and issued an ISO 5801 Verification Certificate on our Wind Tunnel while testing the MagFan, stating that we are in full compliance in all aspects of testing, measuring accuracy, data acquisition and presentation.

Please find complete performance data sheet on MagFan version here and the data sheet on MagFan Plus version here. Verified data sheet on MagFan Plus high flow  (32° impeller pitch) pressure version to be downloaded here and the data sheet on MagFan Plus high pressure (30° impeller pitch) version to be downloaded here.

MagFan won the Danish award for Sustainable Products in 2014.

Download our complete sheets on ventilation here.