HE740 exhaust unit for pig and poultry houses

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The HE740 exhaust unit for poultry and pig houses is the most efficient roof mounted exhaust unit available. The exhaust unit is equipped with a highly efficient fan motor that ensures high air exchange rates at very low energy consumption.

In a direct comparison against leading suppliers on the market today, the HE740 exhaust unit offers at least 30 % lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates. E.g.: 25.5W/1000 m3/h @ 17,500 m3/h.

Two versions - turning baffle or butterfly valve
The HE740 exhaust with butterfly valve completely seals off from rain, birds, insects, rodents and light when not in operation. This unit is for on/off speed control.

The HE740 with turning baffle is for speed control via a 0-10 volt signal, or on/off. This unit can be speed controlled via a frequency inverter.

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