CoronaD, turkey house, The Netherlands

CoronaD, poultry house, Switzerland

CoronaD, poultry house, England

CoronaD, organic layer house, Canada

CoronaD, poultry house, Sweden

CoronaD, poultry house, Norway

CoronaD, poultry house, England

CoronaD, house for organic layers, Canada

Ventilation and heaters, England

CoronaD, layer house, Norway

CoronaD, poultry house, Romania

Turkey house, Germany

Broiler houses, England

Organic broilers, Denmark

House for parent stock, Belgium

Turkey house, England

Broiler houses, England

CoronaD inlet - poultry house ventilation

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The CoronaD air inlet from DACS meets the challenges of modern poultry production facilities by ensuring a perfect in-house climate no matter time of year.

The mixing percentage between incoming air and room air is automatically changed to maintain the optimum temperature and speed on the air entering the poultry house. The constant distribution of oxygen-rich air allows the birds to perform best possible, keeps the litter dry and removes gaseous waste products. 

When needed the CoronaD air inlet utilizes the warm air already in the roof space simply by sucking this air down alongside the chimney after which the air is distributed in the house. This functionality reduces the need for additional heat supply by as much as 50 % compared to traditional ventilation systems.

When the need for cooling arises, the CoronaD forces cool air downwards through the center venturi. The cooling effect of this vertical air distribution provides the most efficient air-cooling available in the poultry industry. 

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