Travis and Farinaz, Forcefield, Oregon

Forcefield, Oregon

Forcefield, Oregon

Forcefield, Oregon

- Finally - a fan for the 21st century

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Travis Luther, owner of Forcefield, is impressed with the powerful, efficient and quiet MagFan.

- When I first laid eyes on a MagFan, I thought: Finally - a fan for the 21st century! Travis Luther says.

Tremendous savings
Forcefield sell MagFans to the green house industry and Travis Luther's clients are delighted to see a significant reduction in their energy consumption as a result of the investment in the MagFan technology:

- Even at full flow the MagFan’s quiet and the power consumption is less than one third of what the conventional fans used. Due to the loss free speed control my clients save even more the minute the MagFans run at less than 100 % capacity. I am extremely pleased with the MagFans and excited to set the standards of a new era in air movement, Travis Luther says.

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