Japfa Comfeed Indonesia chose MagFan and saved 75 % energy

Japfa Comfeed Indonesia

Japfa Comfeed Indonesia

Japfa Comfeed, Indonesia

Japfa Comfeed Indonesia

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PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia decided to invest in MagFan for their new PS breeder farm in Central Java, Indonesia. And it payed off: The MagFans consumes only 25 % of the electrical power compared to the other fans on the site.

R. Syaprudin, National Manager for Farm Technology & Environment Control Department in PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia:

- The results were stunning. The house equipped with MagFan consumes only 25 % of the power consumed by the control house - only difference being the fans installed. In fact, we have higher fan capacity in the house equipped with MagFans and still we come out with such a huge difference in power consumption.

- The future will bring warmer climates and increases in energy costs, no doubt. Fans will be running longer and harder and power consumption will increase. Therefor I am confident that the powerful, energy efficient and maintenance free MagFan is the fan for the future, says R. Syaprudin of PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia.

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