Hooks Drove, UK

Hooks Drove, England

Hooks Drove, England

- DACS' ventilation gives excellent hock and podo scores

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Jamie Curston from Hooks Drove, Cambridgeshire, England, manages an eight house 500,000 + bird farm equipped with a complete climate solution from DACS.

- The DACS ventilation system creates a constant flow of preheated oxygen rich air throughout the shed which keeps the litter dry. Dry litter and plenty of oxygen to my birds simply allow the birds to utilize their full genetic potential, Jamie Curston says.

Direct access to my farm
- With the remote access and the easy to use ACS6 net management system it is great to be able to check in and see how sheds are performing. I either go online from my office or, when I am not on the farm, via my smart phone or tablet. I use the ACS6 net system to see why some crops were better than others by comparing graph data from crop to crop for ventilation and temperature or any other production figure. I am always close to my production and that is a good feeling, Jamie Curston says.

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