QL Agrofoods, Indonesia

QL Agrofoods, Indonesia

QL agrofood Indonesia

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Mr. Ang Bee Tiam from QL Agrofood Indonesia first bought and installed 96 units MagFans. Followed by another repeat order for 84 units 9 months ago Mr. Ang Bee Tiam tells Mr. Saiman Widjaja of PT Ansell Jaya Indonesia that there will be more orders coming our way in the future.

I have had no issues with the MagFans whatsoever. This is an extremely unusual situation in our part of the world, with high loads on the fans and many running hours, and a poor quality power supply. Where we see other fans fail these MagFans just cope with it and run and run and run Mr. Ang points out.

The service I get from PT Ansell Jaya Indonesia and DACS A/S is top class. I talk to the people who own and run these companies and we share a common interest in making things right. And, by the way, my power bill is less than half of what it was with other fans! This is an extremely good investment and I am happy to say that we’ll definitely be placing more orders with DACS A/S and PT Ansell Jaya Indonesia. As a start, we are going to replace the fans in our current two locations of layer farms with MagFan concludes Mr. Ang.

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