Hans Liniger, Switzerland

Hans Liniger, Switzerland

- Animal welfare is the farmer's profit

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Hans Liniger from Bernischen Lanzenhäusern in Switzerland has been a farm construction consultant for pig farmers for 35 years. Experience tells him even the smallest mistake in the planning process can have a significant negative impact on the welfare of the pigs.

- It is essential that the pigs feel well. If they do, the pigs will keep the pen clean. Consequently, the pigs will stay healthy. Healthy pigs thrive and fulfill their genetic potential, Hans Liniger says.

Fresh air throughout the house
Key to keeping the animals healthy is the ventilation system’s ability to distribute air throughout the house - air as close to set point temperature as possible. Cold uncontrolled air entering a pig house will often cause dirty and wet pens and areas of discomfort. This will stress the animals and lead to a drop in performance.

Ventilation is my main focus
- I have been troubled by poorly performing ventilation systems ever since I started in the business. Most systems simply lack performance and this is the main reason why we see dirty pens. The in-house climate has a huge impact on the animals and therefore a good ventilation system is essential to run a profitable production. The ventilation system design accounts for 80 % of the climate in the house, whereas the last 20 % is related to the building itself. For that reason my main focus is always on ventilation when I design new projects.

In 2012 Hans Liniger visited Eurotier, and here he was introduced to the ventilation system from DACS for the first time.

Profitable production
- The idea behind the system, the mixing of incoming air with warm room air via the fan in the Corona inlet unit, convinced me that we had to install a DACS ventilation system here in Switzerland. 10 systems have now been installed and they all perform very well. We only see dry and clean pens where we have DACS ventilation systems. To me this indicates that the systems performs well and that the farmers run a profitable production, Hans Liniger says.

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